Why I can’t leave without my Samsung phone

Me and my Samsung phone are tied together like fish to water. It’s the only device I have that I cannot live without, totally. It’s like if you cut off one of my arms, I’d still be ok as long as I have my Samsung phone. I’m kidding, of course, but what could possibly be the reason I would treat such a innate, material object with such love and care?

Well, for starters, it’s my best companion. I need it when I need to check the day’s weather before leaving the house. All my appointments are logged into my calendar in the phone, and it cares enough to alert me a few hours before an appointment is coming up. It’s a handy tool for reminding me of the million and one mundane things that I need to keep up on! It’s also my only means of getting in touch with family and friends online.

Before I forget, my Samsung phone is the Galaxy Note5, device that helps enhance my productivity such as those I already mentioned, and then some. It comes with the nifty S-Pen stylus and simplified air command, allowing me to draw, write, drag and drop, and select multiple items. It’s literally a piece of technology one cannot live without!

What I love about this Samsung phone is its gorgeous design of metal and glass that depicts style and class all around. But it’s not all looks, mind you. It’s also a very fast and efficient tool whenever you need quick commands or apps to use right away. Its wide screen space ensures you get the most out of your multimedia apps, and helps a lot when taking video calls from family and friends. And don’t forget the ever-popular selfie that one can take whenever an interesting opportunity comes up!

I take it with me everywhere I go, and use it for both leisurely activities as well as work tasks. Sometimes, I’m out the whole day running errands, meeting clients or hanging out with friends. But I still can check email or view Youtube videos at the end of the day, thanks to its outstanding battery life that allows you to recharge quickly and wirelessly.

I definitely cannot live without my Samsung phone. We are inseparable!

My Recommended Concrete Contractor for Liquid Limestone

It’s been a while, but I’m still here! Just wanted to quickly share a concrete contractor I ended up going with for my garden makeover. The makeover was done using liquid limestone after extensively researching about it. I got some few pointers from following a home forum here: http://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=49756

Don’t get me wrong, the previously used concrete was good but it has aged a bit. So that’s why I’ve decided to upgrade. If you don’t know about liquid limestone then I suggest you do some reading on it. The good features are amazing and if you are looking to upgrade your outdoor area then please do me a favour and get it! Sounds like I’m doing a sales pitch for it doesn’t it? Seriously, I’m not. I’m just genuinely very pleased with my choice.. that’s all. One awesome thing about it is the fact that it is cool to walk on even in summer. How cool is that? Unlike the previous concrete, it was pretty much unbearable to walk on during the hotter days. But no liquid limestone.. it is freaking cool… unbelievably cool.

Sorry, got a bit carried away. Let’s get back to why I am publishing this post. The reason for this post is to recommend a concrete contractor I used for the liquid limestone work named Stylish Outdoor Solutions. The guys are a true professional. Very easy to talk to and they listened attentively to my needs. The pricing is competitive around my local area. Not the cheapest but definitely of the highest quality. The product was poured around the pool and some area near the flowers. It took them two full days to complete the job with little disruption to my family. Which is very considerate of them. Overall, top notch trades people.

Many of you might be wondering what makeover I will be doing next to my outdoor area? Well.. to be honest I’ve already started the next project. But I guess you have to stay tune! So follow my blog and I just might reveal it. Hahahaha! Well what are you waiting for? Sign up to my updates by filling in the form to the right of this page. Common, you know you want to!

Bouncy Castle and Water Slides Party!

When it comes to having fun, I am the one that loves to party but at the same time very wary of how much things costs nowadays. But the good thing is you can keep the price down by hiring party equipments rather than buying it. Sure you might only have it for a little while but then again why would you do the same thing too many times? Keep it varied and, in my opinion, have more fun. Anyways back to my story today: I’ve decided to revisit my childhood love of bouncy castles and water slides. I know I am a full grown adult now, but it doesn’t mean I should stop having fun.

It was my birthday party.. no for those who wanting to know how old I am – no! I will not reveal it. Even if you begged me and I am being serious! Can we go back to my story? Thank you. I decided to hire out some adult bouncy castles and big water slides that I can find in the local area. A friend of mine recommended me a company that hires out this sort of party equipments at an affordable rate. So of course, I trusted my friend and checked out the business. They were awesome to say the least. Big range of bouncy castles and more importantly the ones that suits adults. The fact that they had a suitable water slide made it even better. So it was a no brainer for me to pick ‘em aas my first choice.

Below is my wish on how a big a slide should be! Of course they didn’t have any inflatable this big! But I’d thought I’d share!

big slide

Before I keep going about how good this company was, I must say they set an example for other businesses offering hire services – by the way the owner was super friendly and answered lots (and I mean lots of my questions!)

The Day I Was Locked Out!

My first post ever, so am I excited about it? Hell yes! As I’ve mentioned in my about page, this blog is about anything about me – in particular my life experience. Why do I share it with people? Well because my life is kind of normal and my life experiences is by no means out of the ordinary and most will definitely able to relate to it. So here goes, my first post.. breathe in breathe out. All of my feature post won’t have this sort of intro.

I was out one day to a party and had an awesome time (as usual hehhee). That day I took my own car to the party and picked up my mates along the way. There were three of us.. Dave, Gino and myself. The trip was not that far.. around 40 minutes. One thing I like about going out with friends is that you get to let your hair down. My philosophy was simple and most will say cliche “work hard, play hard!” It was after all the end of the week and I had lots happening at work. So a party at the end is exactly what the doctor ordered!

My car was not the prettiest but it was bloody handy to have! It is my first car so I guess I am excused about it’s physical conditions. for most people, their first car is definitely not their last If you know what I mean. Mine was definitely not the last! It was a 1980s car that was, in my opinion, built to last. With chrome bumpers and extra deep red lights at the back. The aesthetic part of it is not its strong point! But like I said, it was my first car and considering that my mates all didn’t have a car back then. It was gold! It took us literally everywhere. I will for sure write future posts in relation to this car.

Anyways, got to the party about 20 mins after it has started. There were already lots of people there, some I knoew but a majority I didn’t know. But that’s okay because I like to meet new people, especially when it comes to girls. Meeting your future partners at parties is kind of a norm I guess.

Fast forward 5 hours later, time to go home. I was the designated driver so walking back towards the car with my mates. Then the whole day felt like it was turned upside down when I realised I’ve lost my key! How am I suppose to get myself and my mates home! But luckily I had my phone so I searched for a locksmith nearby that can help. I ended up calling the guys from Locksmiths Perth City and they were awesome. they reassured me that it happens more commonly than people think. At least I know it’s not just me!

Though I was curious to how I lost my keys. Now I got to fork out more money than I originally anticipated. I guess I have to work additional hours in the upcoming weeks to make up for it.

The plus side of this story is that I have actually became more productive at work because I feel how important work is for providing my money, especially for emergency situations.