Hello and a big warm welcome to this blog of mine! As the title says: A Place To Kick Back and Relax! So go grab your favourite drink and have a sit on your favourite position on the sofa. With a laptop on your lap and sipping your drink, let the wonders of the net take you over! Everything and anything is published and discussed on this blog. Obviously no weird stuff is allowed on this blog. I intend to keep it nice and clean thank you very much! Majority of the content will be related to my life so far. For those asking about my age, I’d like to keep it a secret.. but let’s just say I am a “seasoned veteran”.

The name Interbutinuer is the name of a company that I used to work for and has inspired me to create a “lifestyle blog, so don’t think too deep to where the name came from! Let’s just say working there has left fond memories in my heart.

Feel free to browse this blog of mine. Although new, the stories and other stuff I will share in this blog will go back to my childhood years! Comments are welcome but just be considerate to others.

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