The Day I Was Locked Out!

My first post ever, so am I excited about it? Hell yes! As I’ve mentioned in my about page, this blog is about anything about me – in particular my life experience. Why do I share it with people? Well because my life is kind of normal and my life experiences is by no means out of the ordinary and most will definitely able to relate to it. So here goes, my first post.. breathe in breathe out. All of my feature post won’t have this sort of intro.

I was out one day to a party and had an awesome time (as usual hehhee). That day I took my own car to the party and picked up my mates along the way. There were three of us.. Dave, Gino and myself. The trip was not that far.. around 40 minutes. One thing I like about going out with friends is that you get to let your hair down. My philosophy was simple and most will say cliche “work hard, play hard!” It was after all the end of the week and I had lots happening at work. So a party at the end is exactly what the doctor ordered!

My car was not the prettiest but it was bloody handy to have! It is my first car so I guess I am excused about it’s physical conditions. for most people, their first car is definitely not their last If you know what I mean. Mine was definitely not the last! It was a 1980s car that was, in my opinion, built to last. With chrome bumpers and extra deep red lights at the back. The aesthetic part of it is not its strong point! But like I said, it was my first car and considering that my mates all didn’t have a car back then. It was gold! It took us literally everywhere. I will for sure write future posts in relation to this car.

Anyways, got to the party about 20 mins after it has started. There were already lots of people there, some I knoew but a majority I didn’t know. But that’s okay because I like to meet new people, especially when it comes to girls. Meeting your future partners at parties is kind of a norm I guess.

Fast forward 5 hours later, time to go home. I was the designated driver so walking back towards the car with my mates. Then the whole day felt like it was turned upside down when I realised I’ve lost my key! How am I suppose to get myself and my mates home! But luckily I had my phone so I searched for a locksmith nearby that can help. I ended up calling the guys from Locksmiths Perth City and they were awesome. they reassured me that it happens more commonly than people think. At least I know it’s not just me!

Though I was curious to how I lost my keys. Now I got to fork out more money than I originally anticipated. I guess I have to work additional hours in the upcoming weeks to make up for it.

The plus side of this story is that I have actually became more productive at work because I feel how important work is for providing my money, especially for emergency situations.

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