Bouncy Castle and Water Slides Party!

When it comes to having fun, I am the one that loves to party but at the same time very wary of how much things costs nowadays. But the good thing is you can keep the price down by hiring party equipments rather than buying it. Sure you might only have it for a little while but then again why would you do the same thing too many times? Keep it varied and, in my opinion, have more fun. Anyways back to my story today: I’ve decided to revisit my childhood love of bouncy castles and water slides. I know I am a full grown adult now, but it doesn’t mean I should stop having fun.

It was my birthday party.. no for those who wanting to know how old I am – no! I will not reveal it. Even if you begged me and I am being serious! Can we go back to my story? Thank you. I decided to hire out some adult bouncy castles and big water slides that I can find in the local area. A friend of mine recommended me a company that hires out this sort of party equipments at an affordable rate. So of course, I trusted my friend and checked out the business. They were awesome to say the least. Big range of bouncy castles and more importantly the ones that suits adults. The fact that they had a suitable water slide made it even better. So it was a no brainer for me to pick ‘em aas my first choice.

Below is my wish on how a big a slide should be! Of course they didn’t have any inflatable this big! But I’d thought I’d share!

big slide

Before I keep going about how good this company was, I must say they set an example for other businesses offering hire services – by the way the owner was super friendly and answered lots (and I mean lots of my questions!)

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