My Recommended Concrete Contractor for Liquid Limestone

It’s been a while, but I’m still here! Just wanted to quickly share a concrete contractor I ended up going with for my garden makeover. The makeover was done using liquid limestone after extensively researching about it. I got some few pointers from following a home forum here:

Don’t get me wrong, the previously used concrete was good but it has aged a bit. So that’s why I’ve decided to upgrade. If you don’t know about liquid limestone then I suggest you do some reading on it. The good features are amazing and if you are looking to upgrade your outdoor area then please do me a favour and get it! Sounds like I’m doing a sales pitch for it doesn’t it? Seriously, I’m not. I’m just genuinely very pleased with my choice.. that’s all. One awesome thing about it is the fact that it is cool to walk on even in summer. How cool is that? Unlike the previous concrete, it was pretty much unbearable to walk on during the hotter days. But no liquid limestone.. it is freaking cool… unbelievably cool.

Sorry, got a bit carried away. Let’s get back to why I am publishing this post. The reason for this post is to recommend a concrete contractor I used for the liquid limestone work named Stylish Outdoor Solutions. The guys are a true professional. Very easy to talk to and they listened attentively to my needs. The pricing is competitive around my local area. Not the cheapest but definitely of the highest quality. The product was poured around the pool and some area near the flowers. It took them two full days to complete the job with little disruption to my family. Which is very considerate of them. Overall, top notch trades people.

Many of you might be wondering what makeover I will be doing next to my outdoor area? Well.. to be honest I’ve already started the next project. But I guess you have to stay tune! So follow my blog and I just might reveal it. Hahahaha! Well what are you waiting for? Sign up to my updates by filling in the form to the right of this page. Common, you know you want to!

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