Why I can’t leave without my Samsung phone

Me and my Samsung phone are tied together like fish to water. It’s the only device I have that I cannot live without, totally. It’s like if you cut off one of my arms, I’d still be ok as long as I have my Samsung phone. I’m kidding, of course, but what could possibly be the reason I would treat such a innate, material object with such love and care?

Well, for starters, it’s my best companion. I need it when I need to check the day’s weather before leaving the house. All my appointments are logged into my calendar in the phone, and it cares enough to alert me a few hours before an appointment is coming up. It’s a handy tool for reminding me of the million and one mundane things that I need to keep up on! It’s also my only means of getting in touch with family and friends online.

Before I forget, my Samsung phone is the Galaxy Note5, device that helps enhance my productivity such as those I already mentioned, and then some. It comes with the nifty S-Pen stylus and simplified air command, allowing me to draw, write, drag and drop, and select multiple items. It’s literally a piece of technology one cannot live without!

What I love about this Samsung phone is its gorgeous design of metal and glass that depicts style and class all around. But it’s not all looks, mind you. It’s also a very fast and efficient tool whenever you need quick commands or apps to use right away. Its wide screen space ensures you get the most out of your multimedia apps, and helps a lot when taking video calls from family and friends. And don’t forget the ever-popular selfie that one can take whenever an interesting opportunity comes up!

I take it with me everywhere I go, and use it for both leisurely activities as well as work tasks. Sometimes, I’m out the whole day running errands, meeting clients or hanging out with friends. But I still can check email or view Youtube videos at the end of the day, thanks to its outstanding battery life that allows you to recharge quickly and wirelessly.

I definitely cannot live without my Samsung phone. We are inseparable!

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