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Why I can’t leave without my Samsung phone

Me and my Samsung phone are tied together like fish to water. It’s the only device I have that I cannot live without, totally. It’s like if you cut off one of my arms, I’d still be ok as long as I have my Samsung phone. I’m kidding, of course, but what could possibly be […]

Bouncy Castle and Water Slides Party!

When it comes to having fun, I am the one that loves to party but at the same time very wary of how much things costs nowadays. But the good thing is you can keep the price down by hiring party equipments rather than buying it. Sure you might only have it for a little […]

The Day I Was Locked Out!

My first post ever, so am I excited about it? Hell yes! As I’ve mentioned in my about page, this blog is about anything about me – in particular my life experience. Why do I share it with people? Well because my life is kind of normal and my life experiences is by no means […]